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RESOURCE: 10 Handy CanChild Resources

I can’t believe we let Canada’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary (aka 150th Year) on July 1, 2017 go without a shout out on the great work of our colleagues up North on conducting research and creating resources. So we decided to

Top 23 Free Seated Exercise Videos – For Home and School

I was huffing and puffing going up the stairs last week, and realized that my cardiorespiratory fitness is taking a toll from not participating in any aerobic activities of late. Of course, I have no shortage of excuses…I’m very

5 Evidence-Supported Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

SeekFreaks is moving from one celebration to the next. May 8-12 is Teacher Appreciation Week! Have you thought of a way to show that you appreciate their work? Let us do the gift selection, packaging and wrapping for you.

18 Predictors of Postsecondary Outcomes…And What OTs, PTs & SLPs Can Do Now!

Happy Occupational Therapy Centennial! What better way for SeekFreaks to start the month than by focusing on the postsecondary occupations of employment, education and independent living!
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The ability to predict is very useful in our

RESOURCE: 6 Steps in Using a Therapy Ball as Classroom Seating

The ability to attend to tasks is an important element of learning in the school. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ADHD) often manifest attentional difficulties. Changing the learning environment has been proposed as a

Spotlight on Telehealth: Interview with Jennifer Kenney

I tried telehealth for my own medical care for the first time last month, and was glad to learn it did help, albeit in a different way than if I visited a doctor. There were kinks, including connectivity issues

Carlo Vialu: Select Presentation Topics

My main goal as a presenter is to provide the audience with practical applications of research findings. Every year, more and more research articles are published that can enrich our practice. However, there remains a gap between the evidence

1 New Opportunity! 3 New Tools! Caring for Children & Youth with Medical Complexity

Happy New Year to all SeekFreaks! This new year I have decided to embark on a new challenge; a new opportunity to learn and share newly-found and newly-consolidated knowledge and skills (apologies for using the word ‘new’ 6 times

RESOURCE: 2 Tests of Selective Motor Control – SCALE and SCUES

Although we often talk about functional tests here at SeekFreaks, it is also important to look at impairment level tests. Results of such tests can often help identify the cause of activity limitations and participation restrictions (see Recognizing ICF

RESOURCES: 10 Handy American Occupational Therapy Association Fact Sheets

This week, we have our much-awaited list of 10 Handiest American Occupational Therapy Association fact sheets. Just like the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, AOTA has done a lot of work creating resources that

SEEKER’S CORNER: 50 Alternatives to “Good Job!”

Positive feedback improves performance! As we discussed in Motoropoly – 1, feedback has both instructional and motivational effects. However,  as therapists, we quickly revert to our ever-reliable “Good job!” every time our patient, young or old, completes an assigned

Les 10 Enseignements Principaux tirés des Recommandations EACD pour les TAC

Over the past week, SeekFreaks worked with Emmanuel Madieu, a psychometricien from Montpellier, France to translate our Top 10 Lessons from EACD’s Guideline for DCD infographic. We hope many French-speaking SeekFreaks will find it useful.

RESOURCE: 10 Handy Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheets

Are you thinking of creating a resource to help families navigate the IEP process and whether their child needs school-based therapy? Need a topic and a handout for an in-service training you were asked to conduct with teachers and

SEEKERS CORNER: 5 Practical Tips for Classroom Arrangement

Happy back-to-school to you and your students!
As the school year starts, OTs, PTs and SLPs can utilize their expertise to collaborate with teachers in designing a classroom environment that promotes learning and that addresses the need of every

SeekFreaks en Español?

About a month ago, I was contacted by Dr. Vanesa Abuin, a SeekFreak from Madrid. Dr. Abuin is a PT and researcher from Grupo de Investigación en Dolor Musculoesquelético y Control Motor, Universidad Europea. SeekFreaks has reached Spain, and

RESOURCE: Summer Reading List for New School-based OTs, PTs & SLPs

Whether this is your first job after graduation, or you are an experienced therapist who is just now entering school-based practice, you are about to step into a new territory.
Welcome to school-based practice and to SeekFreaks! Allow us to

RESOURCE: Top 10 Walking Tests for School-based PTs

Just like balance tests and tests for wheelchair operation, there are multiple walking tests, each measuring specific aspects of functional mobility. When selecting tests, we encourage PTs to utilize the concepts below which were discussed in more detail in an

Article Review: Child-focused vs. Context-focused Intervention

Imagine somebody tied both of your hands behind your back and asked you to provide therapeutic interventions. Can you still effect change? Are you still an occupational therapist or a physical therapist? While this study tried to answer the

Article Spotlight: Top 10 Lessons from EACD’s Guideline for DCD

The clinical practice guideline for developmental coordination disorder (DCD) created by the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) has been helpful in synthesizing research on DCD from diagnosis to interventions. Reading it, however, takes a lot of grit. We thought

SeekFreaks Corner: Recognizing ICF Domain Words…Amusing Musings

On May 22, 2001, the World Health Assembly approved the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). It was a significant move in the right direction from the previous ICD model. Finally, the focus is on an individual’s

Motoropoly 4: Motor Learning in School – Motor Imagery & Self-Controlled Practice

We are now in the last few sections of our Motoropoly board. Whereas the first 3 articles focused on the therapist’s action and designing the task, this 4th article covers what children can do to enhance their own learning.

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